Stacey  (Editing)..

Stacey (Editing)..

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Stacey? You really want to know about Stacey? 

    Stachelle McCarey, a young black girl from the streets of Compton held a big responsibility at a young age, stealing and scamming people to make ends meet and to take care of her younger siblings, since her drug addictive mother didn't take care of the children and became selfish with money that was given to her from the state.

      The young girl has been through it all molestation, abuse and neglect. But this young teen has a passion, but she just cant find it, come and learn about Stacey....

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BadBambina BadBambina Mar 24, 2016
I woulda had to knock her intestines loose, she tryna help her out
writewordsoflove writewordsoflove Mar 22, 2016
:( man, is that what helping get her? Smh, I bet she'll complain if she didn't try to help
Written_Voices34 Written_Voices34 Sep 20, 2016
That was a harsh. .... Damn all she wanted to do was help.... Shame on you
Ladyray1994 Ladyray1994 Jun 09, 2016
I feel sorry for Stacey and her siblings and her mom is a hoe dang
CreativeSoulx3 CreativeSoulx3 Mar 24, 2016
Her mom is something else. Don't even realize she's doing the same thing her mom did to her. Smh.