The Fallen

The Fallen

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HR: #36 in Fantasy.~

------------MATURE CONTENT------------

"I could kill you if I wanted," he said hotly.

"Yeah? So could a human being. So could a dog, so could a dedicated duck! You are not special. However, you are mentally creative. Good luck crawling out of that camels ass while clapping like a retarded seal," I replied him while mustering all the courage I had in myself. Elijah would've been so proud of me.

She was strolling through the Royal markets searching all the goods with her eyes. She was very hungry, 'Just one piece of bread' she thought to herself. So the girl took a loaf of bread and ran. The guards spotted her stealing so they chased after her. Little did she know that the guards had called the Prince too.

She managed to run towards the woods and deep into the trees. She hears a neigh of a near by horse. Then a sword was swung her way, making contact with the back of her cloak.
She froze on the spot. A deep male voice said, "Show yourself traitor."

She tried to move and when she did, the sword that was stuck in her cloak pulled it away from her body. It fell on the ground and so did her heart, in just a single second. It happened real quick.
And before she knew her wings were on display for everyone present there.

Her long black, battered and bloody wings.

Author's Note: @sobri190 and me have collaborated on this one. Hope you like it!

P.S.: The cover is made by @jinwen2509. 
Thank you! Do check out her works, especially His Queen, she is a splendid author. <3

Seshat27 Seshat27 Apr 29
Wow, it sounds cool! The poem! I am looking forward to read this story!☺☺☺
kedagirl121 kedagirl121 Jun 23
Beautiful and amazing beginning. If it were a movie I'd watch it for sure.😊
jesslivdahl jesslivdahl May 07
I'm intrigued! love your writing style, your words are magical \(^_^)/
Seshat27 Seshat27 Apr 29
By the way, a line in the description also caught my eye. So could a dedicated duck😂😂😂😂 that was super funny👍👍
KrJohnson7 KrJohnson7 Jul 06
Reminds me of Twilight scene after she wakes up on her honeymoon
Seshat27 Seshat27 Apr 29
Loved this chapter! It was creative, heartfelt and beautifully written!