The Gangleader Kidnapped Me!!!

The Gangleader Kidnapped Me!!!

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ken_baller4life By ken_baller4life Updated Jan 12

Alona was just walking from the store to get her abusive dad some beer.

But did she know that she was going to get kidnapped by the hot gangleader Ryder ervin.

Leader of the red snakes.

"Saying hate is a bad word mister". I whispered.

"Well I'm the bad boy". He breathed his mint breath on me.

pluto8489 pluto8489 6 days ago
I am jake .......literally, also she is wayyyyyyy to OK with all of this,I hate when people are OK with being kidnapped, but I like the story so 😏😏
pluto8489 pluto8489 6 days ago
Bruh she is too okay with this, I would have screamed when they picked me up, I would have screamed through the whole thing
Why is she so cool about this she should have put up a fight
michellemy1 michellemy1 Aug 26, 2016
I don't like the way u set it out she is always running and well it's crap, no offence you asked what I thought, you could improve it there are parts I like I guess.