The Gangleader Kidnapped Me!!!

The Gangleader Kidnapped Me!!!

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ken_baller4life By ken_baller4life Updated Jul 11

Alona was just walking from the store to get her abusive dad some beer.

But did she know that she was going to get kidnapped by the hot gangleader Ryder ervin.

Leader of the red snakes.

"Saying hate is a bad word mister". I whispered.

"Well I'm the bad boy". He breathed his mint breath on me.

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Dude I’m working on a story and our stories are so alike even the gang leaders names are the same what can I say great minds think alike🙂
Oh, well my dad died and I've just been kidnapped, but this guy clearly has access to a toothbrush 24/7 so we're good!
WHAT HOW IS SHE COOL WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!?!?!?!?!
AriLakes AriLakes Aug 05
Righttttt like u be jacked and u scared of a small mouse 🐭  hell nah
parrot2014 parrot2014 May 17
She's just fine with getting kidnapped and seeing her dad die
Twixie360 Twixie360 Aug 14
Did anybody else read the title as " The Gangnapped kidleader me"?