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KILLER 11 By DEMONWOLF9 Updated Feb 13

Grey woods she's quiet,but when mess with she could turn from quiet to deadly in a matter of seconds.she has a slight anger issues problem. No one knows why she so quiet but people stay away from her. some called her "The quiet Bad girl" no one ever seen her talk to anyone. But at night she turns into a underground street fighter. Some people called her a "untamed killer".She's is known for that name because she's a ruthless killer in the ring some might say she cold hearted. With a dark past,thing are about to crazy.

Cole king it in his name he is treated like a king especially when it comes to the girls at his school. He used the girls like nothing,and throws them like trash when finished with. He can turned real deadly within seconds if you say anything about him. Some say He's  "The Bad boy"He knock out a kid with one punch for getting in his way. He likes to have no one in way. But what if Grey's in his way ,literally.there is stuff bound to happened. But what happens when he follows Grey's To a underground fighting place and see what she does when night comes. Could he tamed the fighter in her or will she remained a untamed killer.


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-DoodleBoo- -DoodleBoo- Jul 16, 2016
Uuuuhhhhuuuuu I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😉😉😉😉
-DoodleBoo- -DoodleBoo- Jul 16, 2016
Heheheh it keeps getting better and better!!!!!😍😍👍🏻
Jakelynn15 Jakelynn15 Sep 05, 2016
My locker number was locker 68...I got lucky. My best friend not so much lol!