Mine - Jack x Dark

Mine - Jack x Dark

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Sara(WITH NO HAICH) By saro510 Updated Nov 26

(//USED TO BE CALLED "Stalker"!!//)

"Who are you?"

"Someone you shouldn't be close to."

"Then why are you in my room?"

(Hiii so this is a book of JackSepticEye and Darkiplier :P)

/WARNING/ Demons are obviously in this/ BLOOD/ magic/ MAYBE BDSM/  if you get scared very easily then I suggest you don't read this book/ smut/ homosexuality(of course)... I think that's all.

I thought the author was saying this and I was like. " ok o_0 why do we need to do maths for you?". Then I was like Ohhhh!!!!😂
whiskywix whiskywix Oct 15
Why are u proud to be 24 and still living with your mother *sigh
Mayday, mayday, the ship is slowly sinking... they think I'm crazy, but they don't know the feeling...
Luci-Eva Luci-Eva 3 days ago
My voices are called Lucifer Satan Valentine and Helga.
                              I share a name with three of them. Still don't no why I don't share a name with Helga but she is cool so I don't mind.
loveann13 loveann13 Nov 20
...Lies! Why must you lie Jack XD you know damn well you curse! *whispers* should be the king of cursing
*Spits out jarbled words*
                              THE F^CK IS THAT.
                              THE F^CK WAS THAT??