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Nathan By D-dusk Completed

Charlotte Cassidy has an ability. She can see strings from one heart to another, connecting soul mates.

The problem?

She has fallen for her best friend, who doesn't have a string from his heart to hers.

AmateurScribbler AmateurScribbler Mar 30, 2016
can we please talk about how wicked this ability would be like ?! love your originality 👌
ashleightayl0r ashleightayl0r Jul 19, 2016
This is so interesting and different! Never read anything like it before
UndercoverBeauty786 UndercoverBeauty786 Mar 29, 2016
I had to read this, after reading the description/synopsis! Sounds epic already, can't wait to read on :)
Danielle-K Danielle-K Apr 20, 2016
Adore this idea!! To be able to see that someone's your soulmate... It's quite possibly the most romantic thing that could happen.