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^?^ By DerpyLadyblog Updated Apr 12, 2016

Marinette Cheng, on her twelfth birthday, was taken to a magical camp, called Camp Half-Blood along with Alya, Adrien, and Nino.

I heard this idea from somewhere and decided to make a fanfiction

Creds to Angie Nasca for the cover

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BigBRocks BigBRocks Nov 29, 2017
Even for the daughter of the god of war that girl's a mythical bi-
Elena3577 Elena3577 Dec 19, 2017
Make sure to give credit to “Percy Jackson and the lightning thief “because that actually happens in the movie called said name
"Complain about homework" how could you people complain about something that has to do with school? (Note that sarcasm)
Rubysa111 Rubysa111 Nov 29, 2017
Umm is that not me like hello I am 5" and I am in sixth grad like umm ok thennn
Syaqax_Jade Syaqax_Jade Apr 16
So everyone is dying and i'm confuzzeld WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO LOOK AT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Hey this is a cross between percy Jackson stuff and miraculous ladybug.  Cool