My Precious Princess «Justin Bieber» DD/lg

My Precious Princess «Justin Bieber» DD/lg

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Mrs. Bieber By MrsBieberLynch Completed

Justin Bieber, the all powerful CEO of Bieber Enterprises, is a daddy Dom. Except, he hasn't had a little in almost two years. He had gone to auctions, but left with nothing. He didn't like the little's he saw there. 

Nezther (Nes-thur) was an unwanted, unloved seventeen year old. She dropped out of high school when she was fifteen to start working a full time job to provide for herself. One night as she was walking home, a hand was placed over her mouth and she was tossed into a van.

Cover by: SexyJelena

He's at least being nice and gentle. He's a good daddy so far.
Why is she named "Nezther"? Can't u just call her Selena?? 😑👌🏻‼️
Well I have a brain issue so I have to live with a stutter xD anxiety is the bonus! I can't even talk lmao