Running The Game

Running The Game

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A'Shantii The Gawd By shantii14__ Updated Jan 13

Princess was the daughter of USA's biggest Kingpin, Kingston Mac. And she was just that..His princess. When your the only child of the biggest drug lord to ever walk the United states ground there isn't anything you can't have...Or any one you can't have.

Juan father worked for Priness father...Actually worked with her father. Juan was in training to be a part of the Mafia just like his father and Kingston...But when he mets Princess will his life with her detour him from the Mafia  and his deadily responsibilities?

When everything turns upside down in the game, the last people standing will be the one's RUNNING THE GAME....

But who will that be?

A book filled with lies, heartbreaks, tears, sweat, blood, husling, Money, and of course Deadily Love for the game and the people in...

This is RUNNING THE GAME...An Hood Urban Fiction.

Copyright© Ashantii Sanders 2013/2014

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obeyyamaya obeyyamaya Apr 09
PAUSE ... you living high up on a mountain .... and the ocean is ya backyard .... how dat work ?
okaayy_mari okaayy_mari Jun 29
I don't think I can call tyrese fine bc my dad looks EXACTLY like him
5 bedroom 3.5 bathroom small asd backyard game room my neighbor that give me food and my food stomps hit every month on the 9th I think I'm living nice lmao
QueenBvppin QueenBvppin Dec 01, 2016
She probably meant Jamaican,African-American, Rican guys come on cut her some slack😂😂😂🙄
erie_tomia erie_tomia Dec 26, 2016
Must be nice to have a black card... I had a food stamp card once so we even  😂
NewGen08 NewGen08 Oct 30, 2016
You can't be saying that to us Americans we would smoke yo assx