Jacob Sartorius Imagines

Jacob Sartorius Imagines

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British Tomboy By infinitea_x Updated Nov 10

Started 19/3/16.

Maybe, in a story, you'll find this in a Jacob Sartorius Imagines book: 

Jacob's long arms quickly wrapped around my body as I soon felt warmth and happiness. I replied by making the same, lovely movement. 

Or perhaps this; 

Anger boiled inside of me as I lunged towards Jacob furiously and started to punch every inch of him in a very violent manner. 

Either way, you can find both happiness, anger and much more in this book! In this book, you could probably be doing a running race! Or maybe you just received a email for the chance to go to a concert! 

If you read this book, I hope you enjoy!


I would like to state the fact that my beautiful cover was created by @seriouslysartorius and @.ezramiller

- - Jul 03
Hi can you please check out my new Jacob fic? It's new and I just started on here and I need a little help becoming more known. This book looks awesome btw
Who searched Jacob Sartorius because you have no life and are just simply bored, me.
That's supposed to be really cute I know but I'm actually kinda creeped out by the end. That's all he says and then he ends the call. 😂
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