Maria (A Wattpad Thriller)

2 Part Story 2.4K Reads 87 Votes
Zaya By rookie101 Completed
A teenage girl is sent to a mental asylum for something she did. They have tried to isolate her from the others, to keep them safe, but not everything can be prevented. What did she do? And will she do it again?
Oh my goodness... did not see that coming.... this story is amazing... i can't stop reading!!
whaattt?? wow! i'm already thristy for more!! i almost want to wait and savor the story..but i can't help it..i MUST READ!!!!
scary! I like that you write the first part in the present then do a flashback. Your development of character is pretty good, having her grin at the thought of killing pigs and all. That character-feature essentially seals the deal for the father.
                                    Pretty well written. Keep up the good work!
Well written, description and performance of your work is neat. I could also image the scenery happening which is a bonus. Like your book cover btw :D
omg, this book is so cool... although it could have been a bit better... but, not a bad one, either!!! :)
Interesting... that's a really good start to this story. What makes it even more fascinating is that she doesn't show any remorse! She's really heartless, isn't she?