Zodiac Trials

Zodiac Trials

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M.T.C By MintTheCat Updated Jul 03, 2016

All 12 of the Zodiacs go to Shrew High, but they aren't friends. Well- most of them. When they all go on a over night "field trip," all 12 of them get transferred to a forest, with nothing on why and how they are there. Aries, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Gemini, and Taurus have to team up together and work together on how to survive and get out, or fail and be stuck in the middle of the forest forever. They all have to go through a series of trials to "escape." Will they survive?

Cover Creator; Jakepatt

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BetterForTheLeft BetterForTheLeft Oct 14, 2017
Ok we know the 2 characters the authors gonna focus on. *ready to barely see sign like in most books* MK I ready
Miss_Writes_alot Miss_Writes_alot Apr 27, 2017
SAME!!!!! ☺😁😄😊😂😊😂😀😄😄😂😊😂😊☺😆😉😊😄😂☺😄😄😊😄😊😃😊😂😀😂😀😃😄😊😄☺😅😅😆😇😇😄😅😂😁😅😀😆😀😊😅😅😅😄😆😄😇😇😁
Sadie_Kane_Here_ Sadie_Kane_Here_ Aug 02, 2017
The story so far was Amazing! Very well worded and an interest story line, and I usually don't say so big word in a comment. You definitely have a vote from me!
Lady_Knight_Rocks Lady_Knight_Rocks Dec 21, 2017
And then me, the world's most pessimistic anti-social Gemini lol
EasyThereEnoch EasyThereEnoch Oct 11, 2017
Social studies and chorus are the best bc we get to watch Hamilton for both, and it's just👌👌👌 WHAT TIME IS IT SHOW TIME!!!!
I relized that most of the zodiac books I’ve read werre by cancers