Avengers Preferences

Avengers Preferences

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x female reader. Mostly gif based.

- Bruce Banner
- Bucky Barnes
- Clint Barton
- Natasha Romanoff
- Peter Parker
- Pietro Maximoff
- Sam Wilson
- Scott Lang
- Steve Rogers
- Thor Odinson
- Tony Stark
- Wanda Maximoff

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel characters.

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MyNameIsC MyNameIsC Mar 25
I love this nickname so much because it reminds me of Morgan and Garcia and I just love their relationship even if they aren’t together
Me: *Starts counting each ab* DAMN BOY!!! 8pack?!?!?!? Imma go drench myself in holy water to clear my sinful mind~~
Sometimes i question if I’m really Bi then i have moments like this where I’m 100% sure
peterpqrker peterpqrker Feb 02
that moment you realized you left your kids in the oven and drove your casserole to school
geeks-goddess geeks-goddess Dec 16, 2017
I was honestly expecting tom but ayeeee andrew was a good spiderman too
SimplySavi SimplySavi Feb 05
He’s like “Love? What does that mean?” Aw, that’s actually kind of sad