The Cursed Beauty And His Beast (NamJin)

The Cursed Beauty And His Beast (NamJin)

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Jin is an orphaned student in an all boys school. Everyday is a torment for him. Everyone looks at him with full of lust except with Nathan, who is always there for him and his knight in shining armor when someone try to rape him and Namjoon, the most powerful student that control the school, in fact he doesn't look at him at all.

One day Jin realized he needs protection from everyone. He decided to join the Bangtan Brotherhood that ruled by Namjoon. In his surprise, Namjoon immediately agreed and organized a special initiation for him. An initiation that only him in a candle lighted room.

What will happened next?

Will he find peace in Bangtan Brotherhood?

What's Namjoon plan?

Will he be okay?

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