Soul Mates | Grim Reapers

Soul Mates | Grim Reapers

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beef By beefy-vibe Updated Feb 17

A Grim Reaper must act professional, calm, never frightened when seeing death lie before them.

However seeing a well beautiful women reaper, it can be hard to manage their profession.

Although it's not against the rules to have romantic affairs between two reapers, it feels as though you feel young again. Young love, rebellious love, the kind of love that seems to act as though it is a secret.

"We don't ask questions, or make errors."

Love, Grim Reapers ♡

- Characters -
William T. Spears ♧
Grell Sutcliff ♧
Ronald Knox ♧
Eric Sligby ♧
Alan Humphries ♧


--Black Butler is owned by Yana Toboso--
-  Art cover drawn by so--something on Tumblr -
-lower case chapter titles intended-

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Amen to you dude--this was well worded! 
                              You do what you need to do--I love this story so much! Keep up the awesome job! ❤️ (and seriously--you have no idea how long I searched for something to read that was like this THAT ALSO INCLUDED ALAN AND ERIC! You--are a goddess and a great author.)
hejsan121 hejsan121 Feb 10
thank you did this so the people of who-ville will stop sinning to our lord and saviour @beefy-vibe
Thanks for the explanation! I was wondering that for awhile when I noticed he didn't appear anymore
LGKitty LGKitty Feb 09
I really don't care who is in the story. I like reading it regardless.
MaryIsALam MaryIsALam Jul 19, 2017
●︿● Please keep in mind grell is a transgender female. So address her by she/her.
                              Thank you
slut_of_southpark slut_of_southpark Feb 07, 2017
What about the important ones