Ugly Duckling: Missing (NaLu AU) [Winner of FTWattyAwards2016]

Ugly Duckling: Missing (NaLu AU) [Winner of FTWattyAwards2016]

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Queen Layla Heartfilia gave birth to a child, a princess of the Heartfilia Empire, the heir. However, this child, wasn't fit to the King's liking. He despised his own daughter, mainly because of her appearance.

This child was named Lucy.

Lucy grew up in a strict household. Her father never agreed to let her go anywhere, so that she couldn't be seen. The king already announced to the citizens that whoever sees her out of the castle, must report to any soldiers in sight immediately.

Freedom was taken from her. The only place where she can be at peace was the farm. On Lucy's 16th birthday, she went missing. Soldiers looked for her, but she was nowhere in sight. Only a letter from a certain Dragneel made them sure of the princess' safety.

This story is a tale of love, hate, regrets, hopes and sacrifices.

[ Disclaimer: Hiro Mashima owns Fairy Tail, I only own this story's plot and OCs ]

ryshcb17 ryshcb17 Jun 16
So, umm... Jack's a boy? What exactly is Lucy milking then? 
                              Unless of course this is one of those situations where you call the animal by the opposite gender simply because you named it before you knew what exactly it was (I have the same problem with my cat. Her name's Bob)
My best friend is a cow...
                              The next day I had McDonalds...
                              When I went back he wasn't there...
                              Someone please tell me what happened to my best friend.