YouTube • phan {Sequel}

YouTube • phan {Sequel}

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Phan_Muke By phan_muke Completed

Sequel to "Kik | phan" since everyone wanted one!

"Hello guys Jamie here! And this is my YouTube channel"

Dan and Phil got married and adopted two beautiful children. At the age of 15 Jamie, their daughter decided to start her own YouTube channel. But soon started to receive hate for her parents being gay and other things. Dan and Phil don't realize it because they are so busy with their own career and raising their son , Dil, who has schizophrenia. How will Jamie be able handle it all alone?



He was about to say punch not punish*in the most sarcastic voice*
when ur names jamie but that girl is 10 million times better looking than u
I've got blue eyes and brown hair, like many people in the world. I've also always wanted to be called Jamie
People here are like I HAVE A DOLLAR OML NUU and I'm here like, welp, all you rich people enjoy your dollars while I like my candy wrapper from three years ago