The Train Station|✔️

The Train Station|✔️

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S A G I I By sagarika_c Completed

"I didn't choose you. I just took one look at you and then- there was no turning back." 


Started: 19th March 2016 
Completed: 19th March 2016

Cover: @StressedNights

Copyrights: Sagarika_c

_thisworld _thisworld Dec 05, 2016
Loved that book! It actually motivated me to tell me crush I like her lol I'm glad I did
okitslilly okitslilly Jul 28, 2016
I find it funny that I'm reading this because it was recommended while i was reading Jonah Clarke Is Not Gay
BasicallyJalyn BasicallyJalyn Oct 17, 2016
Jcing is actually considered one of my favorite books. I absolutely adore it!
SarahattheDisco168 SarahattheDisco168 Oct 14, 2016
oh. my. god. SAGII! this is amazing! i love this so much! you are so freaking good when it comes to writing! god, why doesn't this masterpiece have enough view like the way it should have?
SarahattheDisco168 SarahattheDisco168 Oct 14, 2016
i freaking love this. and this is actually the first lgbt story i ever read tbh :P but this was so good!!
It took me a while to process that he did not flip Aiden off and Aiden did not put the ring on his middle finger