Bound by Bloodlust

Bound by Bloodlust

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Ari By Evil-Bat-Cat Updated Aug 05

Young Justice is created, but they are all disappointed when Batman tells them that his protege wants nothing to do with their Team. The mystery around the infamous Robin interests them, but they never see or hear anything from him until Batman finally convinces him to go to the Cave for the first time.

Wally West decides to make an effort to become the mysterious boy's first friend, but the task is not an easy one. He tries to convince him to join his team of young heroes, but can Robin be convinced that he isn't the monster he thinks he is?

Major Birdflash, future Sladin, dark themes, and will probably contain graphic scenes. Oh, and this is a Vampire Fic, because why not?

You have been warned.

  • angst
  • birdflash
  • cheesy
  • cliche
  • deathstroke
  • feels
  • kidflash
  • mystical
  • noncon
  • robin
  • romance
  • sladin
  • vampire
  • youngjustice
Lol it's probably some weird shït like he's vampire or something 😂
iSqulx iSqulx Nov 20
This honestly reminds me of Control Freak in Teen Titans... oh man...
RenDreemurr RenDreemurr Aug 12
Read the books, the movies are shameful and bring dishonor 👹
This is the kind of cheesy stuff I'm addicted to. MORE I NEED MORE!
waiiitttt.... WHAT!!!!???? 
                              Screw it
                              I SHIP IT 🚢 🚢 🚢 THIS SHIP HAS SAILED AND IS NEVER GOING DOWNNNN 🚢 🚢 SHIP
Good job! You stopped Condiment King from stealing some relish for his hotdog ray! *clap clap clap*