When you were mine

When you were mine

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Paisley Michaelis who is otherwise known as Bella Mathews is on the run with her dad. Running from a past. Running from a man. Running from a town. Paisley is also running away from the boy who captured her heart. 

Damon Stone was left back in Miracle Falls, broken hearted. Now he had a wound in his chest that constantly reminded him of the girl he loved. The girl that was dead. He and his friends all suffered when Robert-the man chasing Paisley- came to town and ruined everything. Damon was willing to go to the ends of the world for her. But Robert had taken her away and left a bullet hole to remind him to not come looking. 

Paisley and her dad return to their original town knowing that Robert wouldn't expect them to look back. Paisley reconnects with her old friends but they aren't as amazing as she remembered. Especially now that her hormones are out of whack with the baby. 

Will Damon and Paisley find their way back to one another? Or is their love lost forever?

  • arguing
  • death
  • distance
  • family
  • friendship
  • hiding
  • lies
  • loss
  • love
  • notwhoyouthink
  • running
  • secrets
  • sequel
  • truth
02ellehcrik_eneleh 02ellehcrik_eneleh Aug 03, 2016
These books i'm reading are awesome,,, i mean this book is great too...😀😀😀