The Broken Soul ☆Undertale☆

The Broken Soul ☆Undertale☆

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How could a soul like hers, be so broken, yet so brave? 

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(Also everyone in this are humans, if you're confused)

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_Mr__Dun_ _Mr__Dun_ Mar 26
                              In accurate!1!1!1!1!!1!
                              I n3v3r kn3w my f@3ther w0wi3 I @m s0 0ff3nd3d!1!1!1!!1
_Mr__Dun_ _Mr__Dun_ Mar 26
Oh no how will I ever live? I can't come near you anymore? I will definitely die. Everything will be horrible- I think my sarcasm's buring! How come no one told me they could smell it in the kitchen?!
I ain’t got no choice if you come near me to yell this at me.
Now I want to actually hug Toriel. I feel like her fur wold be really soft and cuddly to hug and feel that around you as she returns the gesture. That sounded a .ittle poetic.
I never knew you were a dog! My life is a lie! Apparently I’m a female dog! Who knew!?
_Mr__Dun_ _Mr__Dun_ Mar 26
Why are you upset? If you survive Flowey you get to meet Goat Mom.