The Broken Soul ☆Undertale☆

The Broken Soul ☆Undertale☆

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How could a soul like hers, be so broken, yet so brave? 

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(Also everyone in this are humans, if you're confused)

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                              I n3v3r kn3w my f@3ther w0wi3 I @m s0 0ff3nd3d!1!1!1!!1
Oh no how will I ever live? I can't come near you anymore? I will definitely die. Everything will be horrible- I think my sarcasm's buring! How come no one told me they could smell it in the kitchen?!
LucasSkull LucasSkull Aug 08, 2017
My friend group:" sorry 'bout that, Lu is a bit......special...."
Underlust flowey little friendliness pallets (insert lenny face)
HbookShippingForLife HbookShippingForLife Dec 17, 2017
Huh, that start holds a bit of mystery... I hope to learn more about it later! Did Torel arange for Sans and Papyrus to meet the character at the door, and possibly help her out? It seems so. Also, why is the character so scared?
Why are you upset? If you survive Flowey you get to meet Goat Mom.