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The Broken Soul ☆Undertale☆

The Broken Soul ☆Undertale☆

14.3K Reads 501 Votes 14 Part Story
Inactive :( By StarrioStudios Completed

How could a soul like hers, be so broken, yet so brave? 

©︎ starr Levi2016


(Also everyone in this are humans, if you're confused)

Mitchify Mitchify Sep 12, 2016
All those people saying 'Flowey ur so bad,' I have to agree, but (don't hate me for this) He's my favorite character. I MEAN ALL THAT LIL' (SPIOLER ALERT) GOAT SON WENT THROUGH! XD
FenrirWolfe FenrirWolfe Apr 11, 2016
Human!Skeletons? ( wow, that sounded strange to someone not from the UT fandom hehehe) also GREEN HAIR IS PERF
Mitchify Mitchify Sep 12, 2016
Demonic flowers. When I talk to my friends who still need explaining about Undertale, that's my description of Flowey. XD
can i just say... i am reading san's voice in dan howell's voice?
ASilentMelody ASilentMelody Apr 30, 2016
This is my first Undertale book! Let me say, what horrible parents!
roses are red,
                              their thorns are prickly
                              let me just say
                              that escalated quickly