The Broken Soul ☆Undertale☆

The Broken Soul ☆Undertale☆

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How could a soul like hers, be so broken, yet so brave? 

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(Also everyone in this are humans, if you're confused)

ashdragon02 ashdragon02 Aug 08
My friend group:" sorry 'bout that, Lu is a bit......special...."
Well. I never asked for you to have unprotected you-know-what and create me, ya know....
                              What did I tell you about being gory and scaring new people?
Heh, hey, Sans! 
                              Someone help me before I fangirl a bit too much, I haven't read an Undertale Fanfiction in forever xD
FenrirWolfe FenrirWolfe Apr 11, 2016
Human!Skeletons? ( wow, that sounded strange to someone not from the UT fandom hehehe) also GREEN HAIR IS PERF
Mitchify Mitchify Sep 12, 2016
Demonic flowers. When I talk to my friends who still need explaining about Undertale, that's my description of Flowey. XD