The Big Book Of Bryson

The Big Book Of Bryson

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FINISH HIM! By nobodybutaugust Updated Jan 02

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"Bry Bry," I knocked on the open door with my knuckles as I entered the room, he looked up from the notebook his eyes averting over to me, "Hey." 

"Hey, where Harley?" He asked writing something else down before erasing it and writing something else. 

"Her mom came to pick her up, she told me to tell you hello." 

He rolled his eyes before setting the note book to the side and patting a spot at the edge of the bed where he sat adjacent too. I sat down as he looked me in my eyes. 

"Stop it Bry, that feels so weird!" I giggled looking away placing my head on his shoulder twisting the gold ring on his middle finger. 

"Where did you come from?" He asked adoringly watching our hands.

"Bryson I think both you and I know the answer to that," I laughed lowly getting a chuckle out of Bryson.

"Nah baby, I mean why you? After all the fucked up shit I did, the fucked up shit I've said. I didn't really know if there was a god before I met you baby. I'm grateful for you and Harley ever...

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KeyJuddy KeyJuddy Mar 20, 2016
Omg thank you for doing something like this I always wanted to do a Imagine or Book starting off with his song don't I just didn't know how to put it plus me always being busy so thank you so much😢
Elizabeth2x Elizabeth2x Mar 20, 2016
Ohhhh I'm super hyped even the way you started it off shows how different this book is going to be
Mz_Simmons Mz_Simmons Mar 26, 2016
OMG 2 stories in and I'm already in love😍😍😍 what are yu doing to me 😢😢 my heart can't take it... But slay bitch 😘😘😘 
                              Ugh I'm in love with this book 💋💋😘😘