SSB X Female! Reader One-Shots [ENDED]

SSB X Female! Reader One-Shots [ENDED]

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Apollo’s Waifu By _apollojustice Updated Dec 26, 2017

A invitation to the Smash Mansion has just been given to you. Now is your chance to show off everything you've got! Along the way, you meet new people and maybe you may meet your admirer~!

Enjoy these book o' one-shots~

Book ended: 12/26/17

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TheZombieCorn TheZombieCorn Aug 20, 2017
Robin is one of the characters I play as the most. 😂 😂
TheHylianDoge TheHylianDoge Oct 20, 2016
when you're reading this in your best friend's place and you realize that she would totally do this
CrystalSilverKnight CrystalSilverKnight Feb 28, 2017
*In my head*
                              Marth: *in a girl voice* AAAAAHHHHH!!! MY FABULOUS HAIR!!
thecommentercrusader thecommentercrusader Dec 19, 2016
Well the lesson here today kids is that you need to stop playing games and get a book and read it at least 20 time over