oneshot | haikyuu!!

oneshot | haikyuu!!

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✧ Haikyuu! babes waiting for you ✧

↠ send requests ☻ ;; {open}

↠ I don't do lemons; but that's because I'm terrible at intimate scenes

↠ I do every characters because why not? ♡

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RandommUnicornn RandommUnicornn May 03, 2017
                              CAN YOU MAYBE CHILL
                              WHERE IS YOUR INNOCENCE
                              WHAT HAPPENED
                              WHO DID THIS
                              MY INNOCENT BABY
holyAndyBsack holyAndyBsack Apr 20, 2017
That is the most accurate Kagehina pic I've ever seen jfc XD
JadeMakisi JadeMakisi Jan 01
Would you be able to do a Sugawara x Yachi? I just find them cute! If you could i would freaking love it
derpyvessalius12 derpyvessalius12 Aug 13, 2016
that pic
                              that bear on the right
                              IS SO ME IM LAUGHING SO HARD
palecherry palecherry Jul 22, 2016
wtf you can't just pick some random bear and think it killed your parents
derpyvessalius12 derpyvessalius12 Aug 13, 2016
omg im sorry asahi //prays to asahi
                              forget u and your bodhisattva face //runs away from tanaka