Jealous 3(luke korns fanfic)

Jealous 3(luke korns fanfic)

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I hear and jerk awake, I look around the dark empty bedroom, it was a dream. Just a dream.  I run my hands through my hair and force myself up and out of the bed, I tiredly walk out of the bedroom and across the cold floor to the kitchen, I grab a glass from the cabinet and fill it with water as I rub my tired eyes. As I sip it I pick up a picture frame that's sitting on the cabinet.

"I miss you so much Hunter.." I whisper to the picture as I put my hand over my baby boy in the picture. Hunter died a year ago from a shooting at his preschool. After he died me and Luke got a divorce and I haven't seen him since nor have I made contact. I have nightmares daily about my son calling for me but I can't reach him, I can't help him. These nightmares haunt me. I sit the picture frame back down and pour the rest of the water down the drain and sit the cup in the sink, I walk back to my bedroom and shut the door before climbing back onto the lonely big bed, ...

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GirlOnline56 GirlOnline56 Mar 19, 2016
AHHHHHH YAY MY LIFE IS COMPLETE(my heart broke when I heard about hunter tho)
HannaXOXO13 HannaXOXO13 Jun 29, 2016
Awe currently sad... *walks out of room and bawls eyes out continuously*
Tay_lor17 Tay_lor17 Aug 11, 2016
omg if I read a next part saying that they kiss im gonna gag
50shades_of_punkrock 50shades_of_punkrock Mar 21, 2016
DAFUQ , i love you luke but wtf is a girlfriend excuse me last time I checked you were happily married the divorce was just a dream 😂😂
jumpingmack jumpingmack Jun 09, 2016
Everybody always says the second and third books and movies aren't as good as the first. I think this is happening.😩😁
Dopey_Madcap Dopey_Madcap Jul 05, 2016
Yeah, imma pretend I didn't read this and she stopped at Jealous 2