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Jelsa smut

Jelsa smut

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Elsa baby By Elsa_baby_love Updated Mar 20, 2016

Elsa walks out of the bathroom with a towel on and smiles and dried off her hair gently jack went behind her and kissed her neck softly and smiled"love you baby~"Elsa giggled"love you to babe"jack picked her up gently and walked to the bed and gently laid her down and got over top of her
"Babe,you want sex know? Can't you wait"Elsa smiled,Jack shook his head"nope I can't wait for it ,I need it now~"jack smirked,Elsa nodded"alright babe~"jack took off her towel and played with her breasts and went down licking her beat softly,Elsa moaned and put her head back"mm~"
Jack smirked and sucked on her clit and fingered her gently 
Elsa moaned loudly arching her back
Jack pulled off his pants and boxers and got over top of her again
Elsa bit her lip and smirked"jack~"
Jack slowly began entering her and smirked 
Elsa moaned loudly and wrapped his arms around him 
Jack thrusted faster and harder grunting in pleasure
Elsa was moaning loudly 
Jack kept thrusting in and out hard and fast
Elsa scream...

DiaAli13 DiaAli13 Oct 07, 2016
Wtf? Why is my  bff reading this? She doesn't even ship jelsa!