Protective (Hisoka X Reader)

Protective (Hisoka X Reader)

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MyHeroLimps By MyHeroLimps Updated Apr 24, 2017

I hate magicians, and yet I want this one to be mine. 


(F/n) (L/n) wanted to be a Hunter ever since she was a little girl. Her family all tried to discourage her, claiming girls are "to weak" to become hunters even though lots of girl have become Hunters in the past. 

On her way to the Hunter exam she meets a guy named Hisoka who is also on his way to take the test. (Y/n) planned on not talking to anyone else taking the exam due to her extreme shyness, but little by little this clown-like guy helps her come out of her shell. 

The Hunter exam may be more then she bargained for but with protective Hisoka by her side, she might just be able to prove her family wrong. 

(I suck at descriptions so I apologize)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hunter X Hunter or any of the characters used in this story.

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Dabi-The-CatOverlord Dabi-The-CatOverlord Jun 15, 2017
*try to flips table but gets crushed by it instead* this worked
striderFanFicWriter striderFanFicWriter Aug 22, 2017
I wish I could read the tiny letters ;( my sight is so horrible
KingAnimatrix KingAnimatrix Sep 13, 2017
My sight is on the fritz. My hearing is crap. But sense of smell, taste and touch are on overdrive. Like seriously
That-Smol-Neko That-Smol-Neko Oct 25, 2017
Fun fact: women are intended to live longer than men in age XD
Dabi-The-CatOverlord Dabi-The-CatOverlord Feb 09, 2017
Ha Tonpa you can't crush me. Wait is this the exam where killua and him are in or is it the one where hisoka got disqualified
Nanami_Nekotta Nanami_Nekotta Oct 03, 2016
Well guess I ain't being a hunter since 1 trick tower 2 the last phase