Sam's Sister (Grian x Reader)

Sam's Sister (Grian x Reader)

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X_DuchessOfDarkness_X By TheTacoReader Completed

When Grian moves to Yandere High, he meets Sam's little sister Y/N. Read as they embark on many adventures that may lead to romance. In this story, you are chubby!

Read to find out what happens! ;3

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LexiChan143 LexiChan143 Aug 17
Nope , I didn't see that coming :) Just like the time my mom hit me in the head with a baseballs bat and when I got hit in the stomach with a kick ball ... True stories :3
Innocent as a baby yeah right!
                              More like as evil as a moster with 3 heads
                              Idk where that came from XD
Innocent………………HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that's the best thing I've heard all day, Sam my innocence was replaced by my satanic dirty mind at the age of 8 and that is True
I'm innocent as a baby! '^^~
                              My mind: WHY DAFAQ U LYIINNN?!!! Y U ALWAYS LYINN?!! MMOMAIGAWD!! STAPH. FRICKIN. LYINN!!!
I don't have a innocent mind and I'm as skinny as a stick buying eat so much I don't know how I don't gain weight
Lexie5133 Lexie5133 Jul 09
I dress like that a lot so Im ok with It but when X readers make me wear crop tops and shorts Im like HELL NAW