Unforgiving Shadow ✔

Unforgiving Shadow ✔

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A Roy By anupamarc Completed

Wattpad Featured Story - Beneath what seems a straightforward lifestyle lies a dark secret. Someone is about to enter Alice Bennett's life and drag her to the depths of a nadir she never thought even existed.

A quirky, young nurse at the Greenwich A&E, Alice lives an ordinary single life of a Londoner until one evening when she returns home to find her neighbour has been murdered. A series of events unfold spiralling Alice's life out of control and thrown into the midst of a very dark place, a place where there's no escape.

How does one get out of the path of a serial killer, especially one who has a certain affinity for you?

Here's some of the comments

" I was enthralled from the very beginning! Kudos to your unique writing skill!  I'm now a fan."

"You have a knack for talent. I couldn't put this book down. You are an amazing writer and I truly mean it. I couldn't stop reading the book. You should write another thriller like this. Incredible!!!!!"

"Wow mind blowing I have been reading it till 3am couldn't stop reading it the suspense was killing me until my sleepy husband snatched away my phone and kept it under his pillow woke up 6am sneakily took my phone and finished the book."

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AudreyTLennox AudreyTLennox Dec 30, 2017
Such a creepy beginning!!! I really need to make time to catch up on this one. Love me some good serial killer thrillers 😁
Thrillwriterdotcom Thrillwriterdotcom Jun 23, 2018
A tease beginning to hook the reader.  Never hurts to do that. Maybe a bit short, but I expect the next part will deliver more. I gather this was written before the Zoe trilogy?
lhansenauthor lhansenauthor Jan 11, 2017
Wooohoo! I had a look at your profile and found this! Mystery writer as well now, right? They are incredibly popular! This sounds like a suitable story for TheCryptic!
EvelynHail EvelynHail Oct 21, 2018
Quirky and twisted sounds right.
                              Alex needs to visit psychiatric ward, methinks. 💊 Is he the murderer of the story? The shadow in the title? Can't wait to learn.
salihaz01 salihaz01 Dec 20, 2018
I love that I learn a new word..I love that I learn a new word..I think this is such an amazing idea for a story!!!! I LOVE it!!!If you don't mind visit my site..https://t.co/3REM15vUDD
Kristiekc Kristiekc Dec 08, 2018
A ha, smoking villans ( now what is wrong with that spelling ) This guy sounds like an assassin of some sort.