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Omegle » Sanha

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can't relate By princessminhyuk Updated Oct 30, 2016

You're chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like FRIENDSHIP

Stranger: hi

You: hello!

Stranger: 한국말 할줄 아세요?

You: um ching ding long ring ding dong?

[ discontinued im sorry ]

YixingDaddy YixingDaddy Nov 16, 2016
If sleep, eat, watching kpop 24/7 and reading fanfic 24/7  count as a talent then I'm the talent in person
artxkpop artxkpop Nov 16, 2016
I I knew it...the moment she said poop.  I knew this was coming
Why the heck did that take me so long to figure out. I'm in freaking high school it shouldn't have taken me that long 😂lol