Betrothed to Jack Frost {SLOWLY BEING REVISED Wattpad Version}

Betrothed to Jack Frost {SLOWLY BEING REVISED Wattpad Version}

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Aly Gedgaudas By Alycat1901 Updated Mar 10

***This is ***NOT*** a fanfiction!***

"Y-you're..." she stuttered, her eyes widening in disbelief. Elle couldn't find any words to say. Finally, after a long silence, the strange name bubbled in her mouth and spilled past her lips. "Jack Frost," she said, her eyes unblinking.
A coy smirk crossed the handsome man's features. The fairy tales Elle heard of Jack Frost weren't at all accurate; he was no mischievous young boy and he was no crusty old man with pointed ears. The young man before her was beautiful. From his too-pale skin to his snow white hair, he was the reflection of pure beauty in itself.
 With a pale finger, the man created a sculpture of ice to erupt from the palm of his hand. It sparkled and gleamed in the light of the room.
"What gave it away?" The man asked with a strong touch of arrogance.

"Why are you d-doing this...why are you here??"

"Isn't it obvious?" The man smiled wickedly. "You're to be my betrothed."

Elle Darrow had never been anything but ordinary.

She grew up believing myths and magic belonged in the land of make believe and wonder.
Fate works in mysterious ways. Upon being kidnapped and forced to become engaged to a malevolent God, Elle discovers that former individuals she believed to be fairy-tale characters aren't as imaginary as she once thought...
Trapped in a land where Gods & monsters rule, Elle works to return home and outrun a millennia of prophecy-dictating fate in the process. But with that comes a very big problem; when you're dealing with powerful Gods and deities, you have to remember not all the characters from myths and legends are the GOOD guys...

Highest ranking: #1 Adventure/#17Historical Fiction

Cover by MayTijssen

simbaxxnala simbaxxnala 3 days ago
There are many chapeters missing and no matter what i do they wont appear, tried following then readding book to library and logging off then back on. Anyone got any ideas??
Skyrose914 Skyrose914 a day ago
Unfortunately, I'm following you and I can't read the chapters.....
HermelaT5 HermelaT5 Dec 30, 2016
One question did you make the trailer by yourself or did you copy it?
@Another_Rebel @AyeshaS401 @ThatSeaBlueMermaid    Here it is!! Just make sure you read the author's notes 📝
I loved it I could never right anything like that in my life
luckyme01 luckyme01 Dec 30, 2016
I dont know why, but maybe any of you can help. The story isn't complete, i have the first five chapters and then after number 5 it says 16 and then it says another odd number. I dont know whats happening. But i reallllllllllyyyy want 2 read the whole book because its awesome