The Gangleader's Broken Angel (Reconstruction)

The Gangleader's Broken Angel (Reconstruction)

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Artemis By CursedMidnight Completed

Broken and just barely surviving, Angelica Reese has overcome various obstacles in her life. The only reason she still fights for her life now is because of her little brother, Wes Reese. After meeting a notorious gang leader, Beck Black, Angelica's life flips upside down.

Beck Black is the gang leader of the infamous gang called the Black Crows. Beck doesn't hold an interest much in things like love and companionship. He has allies and enemies, nothing more. When he see's Angelica, he starts to see something different.

**There will be a little bit of bxb, but not much**

bish a 9 year old is taller than me?! did god only make half of me or something!?!
I already don't like beck he just adding to the foolery that goes on in her life and furthermore she ain't no toy she is. Human.
whaaaaatt wwhhhaaaatt I'm older than that and I'm only 4'11 bulls why are people so tall
Egreeley Egreeley Oct 05, 2016
That man can make any girl go from les to straight. ( I'm straight tho )
hello__darkness hello__darkness Oct 31, 2016
When you like the story so much, you decide to read it again
coconut222333 coconut222333 Oct 07, 2016
That's how tall I am and I'm a freshman in high school... 😂😂😂