The Nerd Is A Badass

The Nerd Is A Badass

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Torie_B By Torie_B Updated Mar 18, 2016

Lucy Gwen school's nerd she acts shy and harmless , she gets bullied every
day. Both her parents died ,her mom when she was little died in an car accident and her father died before she was born. Lucy is the best street fighter and racer in Chicago. No one knows this besides her best friend Cindy, she lives alone  though but what happens when her life is about to change ?


Jack Jacobs is the  badboy known by everyone because he has the looks ,the money and captain of the football team .He is the typical player he runs through girls more than he can score a touch down, what happens when he notice the nerd ?

(To find out more about the book read the story )
 What happens when they crosses each others paths?


Victoria Justice as Lucy Gwen 
Liam Harmsworth as Jack Jacobs=

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MerlieChristmas MerlieChristmas Oct 15, 2017
What’s DC?? Sorry I feel really dumb rn cause everyone knows it but I don’t😭😂
namastaae namastaae Jun 21, 2017
Batman is from DC! Triggered. B
                              Your beginning is great though!
soozQ2003 soozQ2003 May 31, 2017
Honey........ if you're a nerd, you need to understand that BATMAN is DC not MARVEL!!!!
annikoda04 annikoda04 Apr 03, 2017
OK you're killing me here as queen of the nerds you have to change marvel to DC you are not a true nerd until you realize that Batman is owned by DC!!
mikaylais_savage2143 mikaylais_savage2143 Jun 05, 2017
Im upset rn...BATMAN IS DC!!! Im a marvel AND dc nerd sooooo....yea
ains246 ains246 Jun 02, 2017
Gah no no no no no no THE WORST "superhero" alive aka batman is dc comics Aka my Bae not marvel