Cabin in the middle of Woods

Cabin in the middle of Woods

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Ria By bloody_pranksteen Updated Jun 08, 2017

Highest Ranking:- #3 in horror on 02.09.2016

A horror story starts in a dark night in the middle of mysterious woods, where a small cabin, with only one light flickering stands alone, trying to defy the spirits which are supposed to haunt the woods.

Welcome to this Cabin where you'll be listening about spine-chilling stories.

Stories which will make you crawl under your bed.

But remember darkness is always there under the bed and where there is darkness there is fear.


Dedicated to:-

My younger bro (For listening them first at 2:30 am and hitting me if they were too scary.)

Rockerchic_12 [Zee](for being my best friend.)

bookwormhippi  (for motivating me to write the horror story book again.)

_ScilesSolangelo_  &  Rose_Elaine & bad_poezyn (For always voting on our books)

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stephaniemancuso9 stephaniemancuso9 Jan 12, 2017
I'm ready to start reading!!!! It takes a lot to scare me, so bring it on! Lol. (You have a good sense of humor, I like that!) 😉
ForeverRunningXC ForeverRunningXC Nov 06, 2016
I like it, but I wish there was a little bit more build up or explanation. When I read it I just thought, ok she's making scratches on her door, kinda weird but no biggie. I like the idea though.
SolsticeNua SolsticeNua Aug 07, 2016
Hm...One for the Psych Cubes....perhaps, (good intro, by the way)
inHumane7 inHumane7 Sep 12, 2016
Em sorry but you er kinda forgot the M in FROM as you um wrote FRON....  I come in peace.
SolsticeNua SolsticeNua Aug 07, 2016
Well, thanks for the health warning, noted!! Am going to read on, will vote and comment where comment is required.