Ye Olde Art Booke

Ye Olde Art Booke

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#PRAYFORSHIRO By RattleTheStars72 Completed

EDIT: This book is no longer being updated as I have created a new, second art book

So apparently I can art

AN: It does get better, please don't get scared away by the earlier drawings *cringy cringe*

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- - Mar 19, 2016
I know this probably isn't the place to put it, but can we do an art trade?
LadyLasagna LadyLasagna Mar 20, 2016
I'm listening to Emperors New Clothes at this very moment. Coincidence? I don't think so :D And the picture looks great!  I love this style!
jmailinht jmailinht Mar 20, 2016
I know I probably should know by now, but what exactly is an art trade? XD
char-the-reader char-the-reader Mar 20, 2016
That looks really cool!! I despise watercolor with a passion