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Tourist Attraction (Niall Horan fic)

Tourist Attraction (Niall Horan fic)

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Mie :3 Przez Mie1412 Ukończone

She's different. A normal girl, but something about her is outstanding. Her close friends know and that's what they love so much about her. How she´s different? It's not that easy to put a finger on, she's just herself in a way that if you have the patience to get to know her, you'll feel yourself drawn to her. She lives by herself in Denmark because of her travelling parents, she's a dancer and she's a brainiac in school. But what happens when she finds herself in the middle of something so big that millions of girls would give everything to be in her place? Can she handle it?  On the other hand we have Niall Horan, the famous boy band member and so on, I bet you know him. When he went to Denmark with the boys and their crew he hadn't expected anything special to happen other than looking at some tourist attractions and performing in the small arena, but he surly found his own attraction. Is she also his long awaited princess?

pepa_x pepa_x Jun 28
Omg i laughing so hard😂😂 of course he got more food😂😂😂😂
pepa_x pepa_x Jun 28
I laughed so hard "The last one was calmly watching the scene in front of him chewing on a hotdog." The rest of them are all arguing and stuff and Niall (i think i haven't read further yet) is just there like "i don't care. I have food, so i'm happy." 😂😂
PickleHoran PickleHoran Mar 06
So are they,only saying those names so she will not freak out ?
inkedbutterfly inkedbutterfly Jan 24, 2016
Idk but I imagine her as a blonde Emma Watson or Dakota Fanning
missloja missloja Mar 13, 2014
fantastisk med en 'dansk' historie.. glæder mig til resten :-)
Mie1412 Mie1412 Jul 27, 2013
@Givskov Oh fuck off, you´re totally enjoying my misery! xD