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Detention Can Change a Girl... And Her Heart (Completed)

Detention Can Change a Girl... And Her Heart (Completed)

55.2K Reads 449 Votes 23 Part Story
Emmy By AllTimeeLowLovr Completed

Luna Coil gets detention--No, it's not the first time. It's actually one of many. She's not technically the bad student in school... But she's not the good one either. Her best friend in the world is Casey Long, who has suffered through Luna's past with her, side by side. One day, Luna sees a boy in detention--Dame Josslie. She doesn't know him. He doesn't deserve to be known by her. Though she thinks this, she can't help herself to find he's the one thing on her mind. Past keeps coming into her and Casey's lives and they keep drifting, though they try their hardest not to. They just keep changing as their lives get harder. Can they go on without getting separated, and will Dame be another thing of the past in Luna's future?
**MAJOR rough draft!!! You have been warned!!**

so_tell_me_dear so_tell_me_dear Apr 08, 2015
I only read like three paragraphs and it looks like ur writing about MW... I act a lot like this
lidz01 lidz01 Jul 12, 2014
It says that the only two people that will brake her heart are her best friend and mother right? What about Nate.
SepticIrene SepticIrene May 17, 2012
it's very interesting :) i'm gonna keep reading it now, i just wanted to say that i like it
christiej christiej Jan 29, 2012
I think that if you were going to make a cast that Jade West in victorious would work. Isn't her name Gillies Something. I've never been good with names but hopefully you know who 
                              I'm talking about. this is a good start by the way. I'm really interested.
rhonda_lynn rhonda_lynn Dec 01, 2010
awwwww. this is why the story is so interesting. I wouldn't know, but stuff like that happens everyday. 
                              I just can't believe I'm like the only one commenting! :(
rhonda_lynn rhonda_lynn Nov 30, 2010
Better than that? LOL I loved that! :) 
                              It's refreshing that... well. It's simply a refreshing story. I'm totally in. You'll be hearing from me a lot! :0 
                              idk how you should take that.... LOL
                              And: Pencil Whittlebottom? LMAO! A drug dealing name, definately. not that i would know o.O LOL