Hell Can Take Us Both [Jikook]

Hell Can Take Us Both [Jikook]

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"He wants to get my sister"

"Dont let him"

"Kihyun.. im Park Jimin ill never let that happen"

In which a schools nerd (Jimin) falls for the school playboy (Jungkook) while dealing with a mysterious ghost and getting The playboy away from his sister.

Sly_Boy_Jimin Sly_Boy_Jimin 5 days ago
Boi no sit down your like 5, the fact that u said 'sausage' proves it more
kpoptrash09 kpoptrash09 Jun 11
... I don't know why but I always cringe at the thought of straight sex...
kpoptrash09 kpoptrash09 Jun 11
Yeah your also Asian so its very typical... Its ironic,  im Asian but  im always rushin cause im always late for school
Boi please
                              Ur fetus ass can't look at a girl for more than a second
jikookiest jikookiest Feb 27
Don't worry, we will all wait patiently for you ^ ㅅ ^