Assassination Class •Oneshots•

Assassination Class •Oneshots•

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☆⌒(ゝ。∂) Twelve⌒☆ By IncompleteLoner Completed

Hello Everyone! IncompleteLoner here! 

This is my first oneshot book! 

•Disclaimer: I do NOT own Assassination Classroom!

°I own this one shots! PLEASE do not copy! 
° If you notice that its the same Oneshot you had read I really am sorry! Please remind me and I'll redo it.

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 [NOTE: I apologise for the grammars and the chapters that disappoint you ':3 ]

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When people come up to me and tell me they're heartbreaking love stories, I tell them to become a fan girl to experience real heartbreak. XD
mayapopp mayapopp May 10
                              This class should get the award for best stalkers.
Nagisa, please
                              Let me smile
Ouch....This is why I wear glasses. That must hurt having peace sings in your eyes.
                              I personally don't like the ship. But Kayano's okay for me ^_^
- - Nov 20, 2016
Nagisa what've I told you about going yandere?! Nagisa: Gomen...*dogeza* Me: Look, dont kill me or my friends -_- Nagisa: Hai hai...