The Past Gods Read The Percy Jackson Series (Book 1)

The Past Gods Read The Percy Jackson Series (Book 1)

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Artemis Diana Jackson By ArtemisDianaJackson Updated Apr 10

The demigods from the future are being sent back to Ancient Greece time to.... read books??!!! Well, The Seven, Nico, Thalia, Rachel, and Grover are being sent back. They are going to stay with the Gods and read EVERY SINGLE book about Percy Jackson. Starting with The Lightning Thief and ends with The Blood of Olympus. And of course, with a little PLOT TWIST.

I know that this is very common. But I'll try to finish the book by making it reads from The Lightning Thief until The Blood of Olympus.

Winston Churchill once said, " Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all others."

All Copyrights goes to Rick Riordan. 
For his creation in creating one of the Best Book Series there is.

A.D.J Out!

RobynAM RobynAM Jun 15
Would you believe me if I told you you misselled "Jerkules"? For some reason you kept spelling it like "Hercules".
RobynAM RobynAM Jun 15
But cereal doesn't exist yet. Right? Because if it's Ancient Greece and cereal was mage in like 1863 that means Demeter would have to be one some serious drugs to have thought up cereal already.......
RobynAM RobynAM Jun 15
Oi Jerkules shut up or they just might kill you... Wait never mind keep taking and die.
asingh2023 asingh2023 Jun 02
Shut it Zeus. You were just ugly enough to look like a rock.
DurriahNajm DurriahNajm Jun 21
No, but what bothers me isn't the middle name, it's the fact that Perce used his full name.
this is probably not how he meant it, but
                              He Knows Heracles isn't a hero and the others are thats why he said Heroes and my son