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Window View

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When all you wanted was to enjoy life without any drama , you seek for perfection so that's what you will run for . When that opportunity comes , you will capture that moment despite the pain it strives you to endure . Over all it's drama free , it's your personal window view to a better life but it's not always so perfect . 

| Lani Carol is a pure teen who's only goal is to be happy . At this point of time , she doesn't realize the struggle of actually gaining that true happiness . 

She then meets Haze Webster . He's an adult who's only focus is to gain wealth and power . When he sees how miserable and vulnerable Lani is , he will surely take an advantage of her weaknesses . He'll show her around and introduce to her the good life outside the city but will it really be the good life that he's convincing her that she should pursue ?

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Wait if this the dad then I'm mad, I'm so done with trusting men. A small part into why I'm gay🙄🔫
Fiji_G Fiji_G Jul 09
I mean what do you expect, the authors 18, she's mature. How you gone tell somebody how to write their story.
JassyRenee JassyRenee Nov 22, 2016
Me as a flower girl, but I was crying because it was hot asf in the back and the only thing they had was them little church fans, no ma'am
G00FY-G00BER G00FY-G00BER Nov 11, 2016
I swear them Classy, Ghetto weddings be the most LIT 😭😭 specially at the reception 💅🏽😂
G00FY-G00BER G00FY-G00BER Nov 11, 2016
LMFAOOOOOO I remember when I was being a flower girl for my mama wedding and I was crying when I was walking down the isle, all until and she mouthed "Fixyodamnface" mannnnn after that  I was smilin hard as hell 😭😭😭😭💯💯💯.
born2succeed17 born2succeed17 Nov 14, 2016
The story line seems really good but the English and grammar is too're trying to be too proper