insecurities » malum

insecurities » malum

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"i'm not pretty calum."

"michael, i swear to god, you're the most prettiest human being i've ever laid my fucking eyes on."

or where calum makes michael feel like he's worth something more than he thinks he's worth

fem! michael
tiny! michael
jock! calum

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wantinglife wantinglife Jun 26, 2017
wait is this book copying the malum book “girly” ?? the storyline is very similat
Galaxybluefire Galaxybluefire Aug 11, 2017
Which btw doesn't make sense bc a period adds things like extra testosterone and actually makes our moods more like how guys would be, which is why people with periods are more aggravated and angry. So like periods actually make people more like dudes
Galaxybluefire Galaxybluefire Aug 11, 2017
Wow even when mikey is made tiny, he's still taller than me. Like dude I'm 5'2 and almost an adult so like wow
BrolbyAndSolby BrolbyAndSolby Aug 11, 2017
If someone said "Hey, look! There is Ashton," I would be the one to say "I dont believe you" and end up looking like shït when he is actually there
http_mxgvn http_mxgvn Jul 05, 2017
OkAy so normally I read kellic and jalex and stuff and only boyxboy ships but when I started reading 5sos fics I only read boyxgirl and this is my first 5sos boyxboy sO WISH ME LUCK YALL