The Dangerous Prince

The Dangerous Prince

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Once, there was a Princess.

Princess Anastasia of Valona. 

The Kind-hearted soul was brought up in the peaceful world of Valona. 

Then, life took a turn. 

She was close to lose everything in her life. 

And the reason was her betrothed, The Dangerous Prince.


She was warned to never catch his attention. 

But she did.

And then, he was after her. 


Welcome to the world of our Princess Anastasia where she was betrothed to this Prince. 

Not a charming,

But A Dangerous one.



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Nice start :D But I hope you did not put the plot in the intro... anyways, I know there is more of it soon from you! :D best wishes
I don't understand..... He's dangerous yet his kingdom was in danger?? How?
parrot2014 parrot2014 Sep 30
Turns out he’s actually a very cute man-puppy and only gets DANGEROUS when he’s jealous
That picture reminds me of Rhysand and Feyre for some reason, I’m an obsessed for them 😭♥️
God blessed me with gorgeouse heart but not a gorgeouse face to ador so I can say it  that no men can have Lust for me if they have something it only be Love
in fair verona the house montegue despised house capulet and their dinner where romeo and juliet would meet