The Dangerous Prince

The Dangerous Prince

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Nikki Hall By Iamnikki1 Updated Mar 14

#1 in Vampire (22-10-16)




Once, there was a Princess.

Princess Anastasia of Valona. 

The Kind-hearted soul was brought up in the peaceful world of Valona. 

Then, life took a turn. 

She was close to lose everything in her life. 

And the reason was her betrothed, The Dangerous Prince.


She was warned to never catch his attention. 

But she did.

And then, he was after her. 


Welcome to the world of our Princess Anastasia where she was betrothed to this Prince. 

Not a charming,

But A Dangerous one.



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_the_new_world_ _the_new_world_ Dec 14, 2017
Is your name actually nikki with two k's?? Cuz thats my nick name and i always thought 1 k looked too lonely so i added another andddd i just wanna know if u thought so too @Iamnikki1
meraki_gal meraki_gal Jan 07 name is also Nikki and i am also writing a story "I marked her mine".
MandyWinter MandyWinter Mar 07
Okay got to say one of the most organized intors ever! And Ive been around for 5 years. Really high hopes for this
clowie234 clowie234 Dec 11, 2017
And here I thought- some-  churches where boring. Dang it😒. *pouts*
s313698s s313698s Feb 26
Ooooo😑😑😑...I'M SOOO READING THIS!😄😄😄😄😄
nerdyparis nerdyparis Mar 12
                               that boy is so dangerous 
                              that boy is a bad boy
                              Lol that is stuck in my hea