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andil4ughatmeself By andil4ughatmeself Updated Oct 05, 2016

She should call Jed. She should call the person who loves Jade the most. The problem is she cant. Because she's starting to wonder if that person is him, or someone else a lot closer to home.


the one where Jade falls off stage and Perrie takes a fall of a different kind...

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Megan_Dubz Megan_Dubz Mar 19, 2016
Brilliant story! And those 3 stories that inspired you are perfect!
ELLA43 ELLA43 Mar 19, 2016
Omg, you literally picked out the best stories and the best writers as inspirations haha
                              This was really good, i really liked it, so i'm curious and excited for the next update :D
ELLA43 ELLA43 Mar 28, 2016
Glad you updated! I really like that fic so far hah good job ! :)
skepticynicism skepticynicism Mar 18, 2016
woah woah woah are you talking about me bc if you're talking about me THANK YOU SO MUCH this is an awesome start and i do hope you update soon!!!