suga daddy; yoongi

suga daddy; yoongi

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— doap— By -doapatb Updated Nov 21

Jasmin Foster was your everyday average girl struggling through college having a hard time balancing out her social and educational life also falling behind in student dues and loans that she owes.

After getting a little frustrated her friend suggests she meets someone (a guy preferably) on a website with older guys looking for younger women. 

What will Jasmin do?


Mild language
Explicit content

gi_kat gi_kat Jul 09
I'm crying😂 this is so stupid(funny) I can't even deal with this right now, imma need to take a two minute break
Bunniey19 Bunniey19 Jul 06
My husband!!!  Ugh! I love him sooo much!!!! Saranghae oppa!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ :)
Isn't resting bïtch face tho? Everyone always says I have one, but yeah it's worded differently.
yowitsCass yowitsCass Oct 28
Thats why my brother haves to come in my room to see what im doing?😂😂😂
DJ_B2002 DJ_B2002 Oct 24
Ooooooooo DAMIEN I have a friend named Damien n we both share the same B-day ways he doing in this Story!!!
yowitsCass yowitsCass Oct 28
Omg I screamed jin's name when i saw his name pop up😂😂😂😂