Haikyuu x Oc x KnB

Haikyuu x Oc x KnB

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somethingsomeone1001 By somethingsomeone1001 Updated Jan 11

A girl named Masami Emiko, she went to Teiko in middle school, she was one of the prodigies there till she quit and disappeared in their second year. Now she's back but not in Basketball but in Volleyball she now goes to Karasuno High School.

Last name, Masami, First name, Emiko.
Masami meaning "elegant beauty."
Emiko meaning "beautiful child" or "smiling child."

Hello!~ Just thought I should write another fanfiction this is a crossover to Haikyuu and KnB so um Enjoy!~ 

I don't own anything! Okay? Okay?

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heynattie heynattie Nov 09, 2017
Ahh, so Emiko is like the girl in the pic? I love her eyes😍
heynattie heynattie Nov 09, 2017
Watch out for tense verbs cuz they can sometimes be confusing. Overall, this is a great first chapter! 😄😄
fnkvjmnz fnkvjmnz May 16, 2016
Do Akashi and her have some sort if relationship? Like being ex lovers or best friends? 'Cause Sei-chan calling her and her calling him back makes me happy! I wish they were really a thing! A good jelly material for the Karasuno guys. Hahaha. 😂😂
fnkvjmnz fnkvjmnz May 16, 2016
Nice start! A haikyuu knb crossover~ this is gold!!!! asdfghjkl
isbilen isbilen Apr 04, 2016
Only the first chapter, but this chapter was avesome! Great work Author😄