Reckless || Barry Allen {Run : Book 2} *SLOW UPDATES*

Reckless || Barry Allen {Run : Book 2} *SLOW UPDATES*

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HAPPY BDAY HOBI By golden-hyung Updated May 31, 2017

⇝Being the fastest woman alive has its downsides⇜

It's been months since Evelyn decided to have herself locked away, allowing Barry and his friends to kill her father. When they finally come for her, she isn't sure what to expect. All she really knows is that she screwed up and there might be no way to fix what she's broken. 

After being cast out from the people who were once her friends, Evelyn doesn't use her powers. Instead, she decides to try to forget the past year or so and move on as a normal girl. But she's still in Central City and things never stay calm for long. With a new speedster from another Earth threatening all that she knows, all that she loves, and the people she once called family, Evelyn will have to tap into the power that she's tried to forget about. All their lives just might depend on it.

[season 2]

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AvadaKedavraYoAss AvadaKedavraYoAss Jul 29, 2017
I just noticed that if Eobard dies wouldn't Eve die? Ehh whatever this is a fanfiction anything is possible