O'Khasis Prep || Garmau FF

O'Khasis Prep || Garmau FF

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Loma🕊 By SuperStar869 Updated Aug 25, 2017

If we lived in a utopia where everything had answers and things were done for good, wouldn't there be one suffering? There's trouble in everything around the world. Even in the most perfect places there's always going to be something or someone hurting.

My utopia has someone suffering in it. I have everything I could wish for, yet there's something that pulls me out of the perfect life I live in. My utopia quickly crumbles into a dystopia in less than a day. It just takes one action to do so.

* * *

A story in where a girl runs away from her biggest fear and runs into a new one. Will this boy change her point of view in the world. Has he been right all along or does his hateful presence pull her into a worst state? He might be the player of the school but is he who he says he is?

High school Romance 

Produced by SuperStar869

|| Cover made by @ OGFuckboiJawx ||

  • aphmau
  • bullying
  • drama
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  • garroth
  • highschool
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Savvylovess Savvylovess Jan 17
For a second I thought that said vacuum 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
- - Jan 02, 2017
Ooooohh!! Senpai I am ready for another feelz roller coaster!
marquis_de_baguette marquis_de_baguette Oct 09, 2016
Heyheyheyhey, I watch anime ALL day and I ant got no broken heart!!! I like what I've read, props to you!!!
livelaughlove5555 livelaughlove5555 May 15, 2016
OMG your book is amaz and Ari ugh I LOVE her music you sound amazballs
happymaciee happymaciee Jan 01, 2017
Wait who is the boy in the picture for garroth? because he has a familiar face to me... The book was excellent tho 💗👌🎉✨. 📖📚📒📔📕📗📘📙
Flawsome-Sauce Flawsome-Sauce Jul 29, 2016
I'm excited!  Mostly for the Travlyn....😅 Garmau isn't my main ship but whatever.  Great first chapter!