O'Khasis Prep || Garmau FF

O'Khasis Prep || Garmau FF

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Taehyung By SuperStar869 Completed

[Slowly editing]

"Of course! I love you Garroth"

I hear my door open from behind after a couple of minutes and a pair of warm lips are on my neck. I smile moving my head back a bit and he picks me up laying me on my bed.

"I love you too. Let's have our cuddle day now" -Loving the Two

I grabbed Aphmau's hand and interlocked my fingers with her.

"I love you Aphmau remember that" I say and she smiles

"I know Laurence" Aphmau blushes as I start to chuckle

"Your too cute" -Night Kisses

* * *

Produced by SuperStar869~

|| Cover made by @ OGFuckboiJawx ||

Averien Averien Apr 18
Am I just the picky person in the background who is noticing all the grammar mistakes? I grew up with a mom picky about that stuff. That's what gets me with a lot of fan-frictions. The grammar. The story is absolutely amazing. I love it, all it needs is a good editor. 🙂
Heyheyheyhey, I watch anime ALL day and I ant got no broken heart!!! I like what I've read, props to you!!!
OMG your book is amaz and Ari ugh I LOVE her music you sound amazballs
I'm excited!  Mostly for the Travlyn....😅 Garmau isn't my main ship but whatever.  Great first chapter!
julie563 julie563 Jun 02
Omg the suspense is killing me u need to know what happened!
At least this one isn't as bad as the other 1 I watched and it had all the dirty stuff if u know what I mean in it