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God To Human

God To Human

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The Serpantking By serpantking Updated Jun 19, 2016

What happens when a literal god gives up everything she has for a human? There's only one way to find out.

Sode-X Sode-X Apr 03, 2016
I just now noticed that, that is a human version of Arceus. XD well we all know the true God is mew.
Sode-X Sode-X Apr 03, 2016
I know why this made the character upset. No attack moves. XD
Sode-X Sode-X Apr 03, 2016
I just now noticed something off. TWO DIFFERENT GENERATIONS! XD
azreal53101 azreal53101 Dec 10, 2016
Why were they using a regular Pokéball you think they have a master ball lying around or maybe they can make one at least
Kyro_serpentine Kyro_serpentine Mar 18, 2016
Dude this I s cool just like the rest of the things you published
ChaosJoker ChaosJoker Nov 29, 2016
If this was actually me, I would have caught it, that way Galactic wouldn't be able to do anything to it. That's the only reason I catch a legendary Pokémon.